The Stacked Bracelet Trend You’re Seeing Everywhere Right Now

The Stacked Bracelet Trend You’re Seeing Everywhere Right Now

From A-listers to Fashion Influencers, it seems as if every “it girl” is sporting some kind of stackable bracelets situation on their wrists— and this sort of arm candy is something we know a thing or two about.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a thing for Italian craftsmanship and beautiful jewels, and our newest Bracciale bracelet collection is meant to be stacked— just how your favorite celebrities like it. They say a woman is never really fully dressed without wearing some form of jewellery, and our Bracciale bracelet collection is an excellent place to start, and it just so happens to be super on-trend at the moment.

If you’re often stuck deciding between colors, never really sure what jewellery goes with which ensembles, or if you’re just not sure how to wear bangles for whatever reasons— lucky for you the stackable bracelets look is emerging again and it’s foolproof. There are no rules with this trend.

Recently celebs and bloggers have updated their “arm parties” from funky to high fashion, and that’s something we can appreciate. In terms of styling, most arm parties happen randomly, and by mixing and matching bangles, both ours and others, is often when you get the best outcomes. We love mixing different hues of gold with silver, different tones of pink stones with black stones; and when we’re not actively thinking about the color combinations, is how some of the chicest looks are born.

If you’re looking for a more definitive way to wear your stackable bracelets, try these tips:

  • Looking to stand out? Stack primarily gold toned stackable bracelets.
  • Looking to make a subtle statement? Stick with silver tones.
  • When you’re wearing a denim and tee outfit and you need a certain element of excitement, don’t be scared to stack our Bracciales and/or mix them in with whatever watch or stacked bracelets you are already sporting. You’re never too underdressed or overdressed to add our stackable bracelets to your arm party.
  • If you’re headed out to a serious affair and you don’t want to show off, stack our pink gold bangle featuring a clear stone with our silver bangle featuring a black stone. To amp up this sophisticated style, instead of stacking just one of each, try an uneven number  like 3 or 5. This look allows you to show character while still looking refined.
  • For an elegant but festive affair, we like to be as glitzy as possible! We suggest mixing gold and silver tones, and incorporating as many vibrant colors as possible.
  • To get an unexpected look, stack our bracelets on both wrists, going as far up the forearm as you like! We love to super-stack, especially with a sleeveless dress at weddings, galas, and anyplace we feel comfortable dancing the night away!

We’ve seen and loved our sparkling bangle bracelets with maxi dresses, a t-shirt and jeans look, worn to galas, cocktail parties, on vacation, in the house, on the street, and countless other destinations, which is exactly how we intended them to be worn— everywhere. And this is how the most fashionable are wearing theirs as well.

The fun thing about this stacking trend is that it’s a look for everyone. Whether you’re accessories obsessed, or just a beginner in the jewellery arena, you can stack like a pro even if you’re not. Stackable bracelets are an easy way to accessorize and dress up an otherwise plain look.

If You’ve Got It—

Flaunt it! Life is too short to not wear jewellery! If you’re just now getting into wearing jewellery, you can’t go wrong with our Bracciale collection. Crafted of sterling silver and accented with Swarovski® crystals, our shimmering stacked bracelets come in 9 different colorways, a color for every mood. We specifically designed the Bracciale to be as versatile as you are. We encourage you to try our alluring bangle collection— and we bet you can’t stop at just one!

We love to see our Bracciale collection in action! Tag #MyFerrata on Instagram to show off your stacking skills!