Men’s fashion week

Men’s fashion week

If you follow Milan Men’s Fashion Week as closely as Fantasy Football, you’re in for a treat.
We collected the top Italiano fashions that deserve attention. The runways welcomed the
return of many classics, like the leather bomber jacket, plaid pants and peacoats, along with
some much-loved comebacks: oversized jackets, drop crotch pants and fedoras. But there
were a couple moments that were truly magnifico— grand fur coats and exotic patterns,
ranging from brazen to brilliant. 

So make some space in your clothing rolodex (and wallet) for the top highlights from Milan
Men’s Fashion week Fall/Winter 2019-2020. 

Wide trousers with ankle cuff

Dolce & Gabbana 1
Dolce & Gabbana 2

Love or hate em’, wide-leg pants were flowing on the runways. Revived from its vintage
origins as a  carefree sportswear trend, these cozy trousers, which now taper around the
ankle, capture the easy-going Italian style perfectly. 

As shown by Dolce & Gabbana,  Bottega Veneta and Armani, wide trousers are taking fierce
control of menswear. They’re being featured in all types of fabric: tartan, leather, velvet, or in
Prada’s case, nylon (for an athletic vibe).

Patterns gone wild!


There was no shortage of patterns on the runway. Italian designers dug into the vintage
archives for tartans, paisley and brocade, while the designers from Southern Italy took
bolder turns with hard-hitting impacts of colors and prints. Versace went full-force into the
pattern world, going for a rule-breaking urban look by mixing bright Calabrian prints with
chevron, stripes and damask. Easy to wear? We’ll leave that choice to you. 

Moschino took a quieter route with patterns. We’re loving the embellished blazer over a
luxury tracksuit, finished with combat boots. It’s fashion on a mission but still wearable. 

Shades of blue

Armani outerwear 
Armani Suits 
——Slide 13

Milan Men’s fashion week painted the runways blue. Every shade was erected with strong
Italiano pride; the models were drenched in all ranges of blue— navy, royal, denim, pastel
and onwards.

Armani took blue to new heights with a mountaineering twist on outerwear. We saw alpine
coats and vests in Air Force blue, Yeti boots and other winter-wonderland gear. As for suits,
Armani didn’t disappoint with skinny notch lapels, lightweight blue fabrics and shiny window
pane and plaid.  

Roberto Cavalli honored shades of blue with artsy touches of Florence. Like a proud
peacock, we got electric blue mixed with technicolor patterns, plus a suit in teal and baby
blue peacoat. Match any of these looks with a blue Italian leather watch for that classic
Milano vibe.  

Fur galore 

——slide 5

No animals were killed while making this collection. As Milan joins the movement toward
ethical fashion, the runways went vegan without compromising on taste.  

Designers embraced faux fur— a hot outerwear trend in men’s fashion. DSquared took a
Rocker meets Millionaire vibe in the form of grand fur coats over rebel band shirts. This
funky lineup revealed a shearling coat, a few fleece collars and alpaca-looking parkas.

The same furry enthusiasm was met by Armani. In this case, it was the “hairier the merrier ”
in the form of fur jackets, vests and scarves.  

Robe jackets 

Dolce and Gabbana  

When dressing like a millennial tycoon, we turn to comfortable luxury. Introducing the robe
coat— a cross between laidback loungewear and high-end men’s fashion. 

Clever as usual, Dolce & Gabbana brought the wow-factor to robe coats in gold brocade.
Taking inspiration from Ancient Rome, these glorious fabrics were embroidered with the
fantasy of Mount Olympus. This easy-life look was also played-up by Versace, which
featured robe coats in the brand’s iconic patterned silk. 

These robes have that work-from-home, yacht club image— and most definitely, a strong
sense of Sprezzatura. For Italians gents, it’s the art of dressing a little disheveled to hide the
effort behind great style. To ace this appearance, consider dressing with cool-but-careless
details: an unbuttoned collar, a loose tie or a mesh Italian watch worn over the shirt cuff. 

Peacoats and trenchcoats 


Milan toasted to tradition with peacoats and trenchcoats. Some coats were made in classic
materials like wool or nylon, while others took a funkier route, using fabrics like brocade,
faux python or high-shine leather. 

Ferragamo’s outerwear was practical and down-to-earth, focusing on neutral colors like
olive, brown and navy. Cavalli also played with some classic coast, but with a twist, pairing
them with flashy, colorful shirts and black leather pants. As for Dolce & Gabbana, all is fun
and games in the Sicilian fashion scene; we saw decorative trenchcoats in jacquard fabrics
for a confident, look-at-me vibe.

Italian silver watches 

Some accessories will always stay at the front-and-center of our wardrobe-- especially the
Italian silver watch. For this season, black-face watches are on-trend as elegantly stated by
Gucci and  BVLGARI , as well as mid-level luxury brand, Ferrata .  

With its ultra-appealing quality, it makes a cool eye-catcher to boost your style. Gents can
wear the black-face silver watch for dressy nights out, lounges or parties.

Fancy fedoras


The Italian gentleman meets the 1920’s gangster. If you’ve ever watched Boardwalk Empire,
you’ll know all about the City Slicker look, topped with one of the most iconic hat trends: the
fancy fedora. 

Known for its soft brim and indented crown, the evening-style fedora is a sign of status and
power in men’s fashion. After all, it was famously worn by Alpacino in the movie, Godfather,
commemorating the hat as a men’s fashion staple-- with a mafioso edge. Now revived on
the runways, the fancy fedora is a hot new trend to spice-up an otherwise ordinary suit. 

Milan Men’s Fashion Week  never ceases to amaze. This year’s lineup of clothing and
accessories offers the ideal combination of the old and new, keeping things fresh and
interesting for the stylish bello.