Italian Jewelry Trends for Fall & Winter 2019

Italian Jewelry Trends for Fall & Winter 2019

Life is too short for boring jewelry-- just ask any Italian girl in 2019. From Milan to the rural coast
of Sicily, every belladonna is embracing jewelry that transforms her personal style.

In honor of diverse fashion, the runways were fierce with luxurious and ethnically-rich pieces.
We saw chunky and colorful gems, expressive necklaces and most notably, ancient warrior
cuffs. Clearly, the notion of ladylike tameness is far from this year’s manta-- and we couldn’t be
more delighted.

We’ve scouted the top runway pieces to bring you the most memorable Italian jewelry trends for
Fall/Winter 2019-2020.

Green overload

Fresh and vibrant, green jewelry stones are a breath of fresh air. Italian designers are having a
blast integrating this blooming color palette into the latest pieces.

Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Gucci draped their models with hefty green jewelry, jewels
and trinkets, creating a lush, earthy feel. We especially applaud the brilliant green necklaces
dazzling the décolleté-- bellissima!

But there’s another special reason that green has been chosen as the season’s haute hue.
There’s something truly mystical or shall we say, magico, about the color green. Symbolic of
spells and the occult, green jewels evoke a sense of power— like an armor of elegance. They
can be worn alone as a fierce statement over black attire, or for something more whimsical and
unexpected, a matching green-print ensemble.

If precious stones are too ostentatious for budgets that don’t accommodate alta costura (high
fashion), consider other Italian alternatives. A clever option is the chrysolite green pendant
necklace by Ferrata.

Cuff bracelets

As fashion grows more empowering, designers are harnessing warrior themes in their creations.
Current bracelet trends are getting inspiration from the armlets worn by the Ancient Romans. So
it looks like Italian designers are staying true to their roots, presenting cuff bracelets as a sign of
strength and status.

Gucci is keeping the heritage alive with an array of cuff designs. As a popular favorite this year,
there’s the pendant-accented cuff with tiger head signet, or for a more exotic touch, the snake
wrap cuff bracelet. But if animal themes aren’t your forté, you can opt for designs with simpler

Ferrata embraces this Italian standard--sans the inflated price tag with the gold-plated
silver bangle, fearing rose water opal colored crystals.

Bracelet layering
Stacking bracelets together speaks volumes. For the bellezza who loves expressing herself
through jewelry, now is the season to over-accessorize. Too much? Well not according to the
leading Italian fashion houses.

The Milan catwalks showed lovely modellas dripping in bracelets, stacked to an arm’s length.
Bracelet styles expanded across a range of styles, from chunky metals to tribal stones. You can
get as elaborate as you wish when combining them in multiples.

Rectangle face watches

Timepieces are taking on a more geometric style for a youthful, avante-garde look. Following
the anti-minimal approach to jewelry, watches are also taking a more interesting turn for
Fall/Winter 2019-2020. So instead of minimalism, we’re getting massimalismo.

Embracing this theme with full-speed, Dolce & Gabbana’s Sofia watch collection showcases
refreshingly funky timepieces with rectangle watch faces. Set in sapphire glass and topped with
a natural ruby, these rectangular watches are true to the brand’s flare for flashy fashion.

Ferrata takes on a more affordable-- but equally playful-- version of this Italian timepiece.
Among the brand’s most popular style is the Santo Donna, featuring a sleek rectangle watch
face and red leather straps, embossed with a snakeskin pattern.

The lavish details of these rectangular watches note an upscale edge-- one that’s subdued
enough for everyday wear yet jazzy enough for evenings out. Yet overall, these timepieces are
consistent with the go-big-or-go-home attitude of the season. Jewelry should not be too quiet--
it’s all about celebrating your dreams and ambitions, loud and proud.

Colorful gemstones

As we break from minimalism, bold colors become increasingly relevant. Vibrant sparklers
spanning across all realms of the rainbow are on the fashion menu. Playful and perhaps a little
quirky, these bountiful bursts of color send a refreshing message: love your jewlery but don’t
take it too seriously.

In a cut-throat scene of fashion, it’s a welcomed change from the snooty drudgery of serious
statement-making. Color is a welcomed reminder that jewelry is supposed to be fun-- even if a
bit gaudy. More millennial-minded designers are embracing this sentiment, creating pieces with
a cheekier and color-forward feel.

Prabal Gurung, Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino are exhibiting more spunk in their jewelry for
the Fall/Winter 2019-20 season. Bold and multichromatic, these look-at-me jewelry moments
are evocative of a liberating season in Italian fashion. Bravo.

On the downside, these colorful catwalk pieces cost a fortune. For affordable versions of these
luxuries, the creations by Ferrata are current with these color-rich motifs.

Bangle bracelets

Big statements with big bangle bracelets are the season’s staple. Thanks to the revival of 60’s
fashion, these eye-catching baubles have returned, inviting us to explore a freer sense of style.

Giorgio Armani seized this bangle bracelet craze with edgy silver saucers. We’re encouraged to
either wear them solo or experiment with the stacking trend, lending a whole new energy to an

Dolce & Gabbana also plays with the bangle bracelet motif as brilliantly showed at the show of
Fall/Winter 2019-20. As usual, we’re hypnotized by a Sicilian dream of romance and opulence
with oversized, gemstone bracelets, along with matching earrings and necklaces.

Full-bodied bracelets are known for telling a story. Yet, if yours is more modest, embrace
slimmer bangles, as shown by Ferrata’s gold-plated bangles, evoking a similar feel for Sicily.

Feeling inspired yet? With these decadent pieces, we’re invited to step into the fall season with
an invigorating sense of optimism. As naturally, at the heart of any jewelry, the intent isn’t to
simply decorate ourselves but to adorn our inner sense of confidence-- the most important
accessory of all.