How to Style A Men’s Watch

How to Style A Men’s Watch

Styling your watch is one of those elite pillars in men’s fashion. When capturing that high-end Italian suave, your ability to coordinate your timepiece to your threads shows a striking level of sophistication and taste. It’s a skill that separates a clueless Bello from a true stallone— one who can command a room with a simple wave of his arm (and his sexy wrist candy). Having this distinction means knowing how to style your watch like a man.

Let’s scope out some looks, both casual and dressy. Here’s the ultimate men’s guide to styling your Italian watch.

A lesson on straps 

A watch is only as distinctive as its straps. So before we explore some watches, let’s talk about how to choose a material that matches your attire and the occasion.

By swapping the strap, you can transform the look of your watch, turning up or down its formality.

Leather Strap: Everyday Style

Italian Leather is the MVP of precious skins. Keeping alive those Great Grandaddy days of handmade work, you’ve got endless generations of passion and precision.

A leather watch is your everyday go-to. In terms of color, here’s the general rule: the darker the shade, the more formal. So, a luxury Italian watch with a tan leather strap works well with smart casual wear--  in other words, dressing comfortably yet impressively. Think of slim fit jeans, blazers and desert boots. Alternatively, you could go with chinos, a patterned shirt and a bomber jacket. 

For a step above, a watch with a black leather strap offers a dressier feel. This piece pairs with business-casual attire, loungewear and even formal wear.

Mesh Strap: Formal Luxury

Here’s where men’s watches take a ferrari-level spin.  We’re talking about mesh style bands, crafted from high-quality stainless steel. Evoking luxury and strength, this design puts your upscale look into speed-drive. With their sturdy yet flexible straps, these Italian mesh watches are lightweight and rest naturally on your wrist. 

The mesh watch is worthy of your finest corporate attire, bespoke suits and formal wear. Imagine a Canali or Prada three-piece suit, complete with sharp, contemporary tailoring. Accent this combo with a silver mesh timepiece, finished with leather service shoes or oxfords. Truly, Bellissimo.

Nylon Strap: Casual Elegance

Inspired by military fashion, the Nato style watch is all about comfort and coolness. 

Combine these nylon straps with a classic Swiss clock face, and you’re basically gunning for prestige.  

NATO watch bands are commonly available in military green, a calm earth tone for everyday wear. Bright colors, on the other hand,  like scarlet and orange lend a more playful vibe, adding a point of interest to your attire.

You can rock a nylon style watch with dressy-casual outfits: open-collar shirts, polos and slacks.  Or you can tone it down with sportswear, including hoodies, jeans and sneakers.

How to style your watch

When styled well, men’s watches are a powerful ally in fashion. Depending on your personal taste, there’s a watch to compliment any outfit, attitude and setting.

Go Classic: the silver men’s watch

Some things never get old-- like the Italian silver watch. Contemporary and industrial-looking, set by a hefty mesh strap, this piece feels substantial on the wrist, while boasting a strong and confident quality. 

This men’s watch can be worn with upscale apparel: business wear, lounges or parties. You should be thinking about button-up shirts, sports jackets and slim-fit pants or slacks. Finish with loafers and some Armani cologne, and you’re set. 

To embrace his vibe, try the Milanese mesh watch , a design that captures the ethos of Italy.

Hipster Bello: the men’s leather watch

An Italian leather watch is your standard wingman. For gents from all walks of fashion—be it edgy, vintage or preppy—the leather watch is highly versatile.

Remember that light colors give a more casual vibe, whereas darker shades, like the Milano Forte watch in black, are considered dressier. You can wear this model at the office and transition it easily for aperitivos (cocktail hour). 

This attire calls for collared shirts, sporty cardigans or jackets, trousers and chukka boots. 

Or if your style slants on the experimental side,  you might go with floral shirts, printed blazers and colorful pocket squares, along with slip-on shoes or luxury sneakers-- Giuseppe Zanotti, anyone?

Casual Stallion: the men’s sports watch

A NATO sports watch is like your beautiful stay-at-home-wife. Comfortable, reliable and classic, it serves up durable nylon straps to meet an active lifestyle.

Instagram fashion icon, Mariano Di Vaio  often rocks the NATO watch, while mastering his smart-casual getups (and of course, radiating with Italian pride). He tends to sport v-necks, crewnecks, blazers, denim and joggers. For the shoes, it’s all about loafers, derby shoes or runners. To capture Mariano's style without the fancy price tag, consider the Milano Forza Watch

Style this elegant Italian sports watch 

by coordinating the clock face or strap with your shirt color. 

Statement Fashion: the contemporary men’s watch

Discreet yet trendy, a rectangle watch is distinguished in its own right. Featuring a bold geometric shape and leather straps, this piece signals youth and pedigree-- without trying too hard. 

Italian fashion influencer, Jacob Zar, knows all about this life. He dons a Ferrata rectangle watch, enhancing his carefree tee-shirt and jeans combo to something more polished. You can convey this urban-cool motif by combining this watch style with any casual tee, topped with a bomber jacket, or for a step above, a polo shirt. For the pants, choose between denim (destroyed or plain), cropped pants or joggers.

Trends come and go, but a watch is forever. Make your moments count by investing in a timepiece that fits your lifestyle. 

It’s your time, boys.